(sorry: to date only in German – English will come soon)

We explain equine science  - simple  - with many examples from the natural behavior of horses and from horse training and management


PhD vet. med. (Topic: innovative behaviour in horses) – practices Equine dentistry – owns 2 Arabian horses


Professor for horse management at Nürtingen Geislingen University – rode Eventing – managed a German riding school

finishes PhD in Animal Science (topic: Laterality a welfare indicator in horses) – Western trainer – Biology MSc


Reinforcement and Punishment (click here)

How do you train a horse with positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment?





Basic needs in horses (click here)

How much feed, movement, social contact and social companions does your horse need?




Instinct behaviour – Flight (click here)

Is flight behaviour an instinct behaviour? Can you guide a fleeing horse?





Imprinting in horse training? (click here)

Is imprinting training in horses really imprinting or rather very early training?






Jealousy in protecting „friends“ (click here)

Eating, drinking, sleeping and comfort in horses, and of those that are jealous about “friends” grooming with others.





The mythos of lead mares and lead stallions (click here)

Is there an alpha animal in horse groups? The social organization, hierarchy and the social behavior of horses.





When does Play get serious? Also horses intervene in fights

How can you distinguish play from fighting, and what happens if play becomes fighting? Equine science tries to answer the questions and report of horses that intervene into fights.